What is BlendWiz?

BlendWiz is a very simple plug-in for Autodesk Mudbox 2014 to automate the create of layer sets to help streamline the workflow for Blendshape based animation.  Whereas a usual workflow when dealing with many blendshapes is to have a layer in Mudbox for every Blendshape required, creating these can be a time consuming task when 70 or even hundreds of layers are needed.

BlendWiz is a simple one click solution that creates all layers in a single click.  It ships with presets for FACs based facial animation, a preset for Preston Blair phonemes and support for the a workflow based on the application FaceShift.  It also allows users to add a custom preset of layers that they require.  However ALL presets can be changed and tweaked as needed in your pipeline.

All changes can be made while Mudbox is running without the need to restart Mudbox.  BlendWiz creates all the layers you require in less than  a second on most machines, and can save both time creating them by hand and also guarantee that all layers created comply to the same naming conventions across different models, artist and even departments if need be.

If used either alongside MudWalker or Mudbox own implimentation this then provides a very fast workflow to automaticaly create th Blendshape layers, correclty name and alos export and set up as blendshapes / morphs in your host app.

Why did you create BlendWiz?

When developing my unique method of facial motion capture (called MASK) one of the slowest parts of the pipeline was still creating and naming every layer needed and ensuring that naming conventions stayed the same across different models.  Hence I created BlendWiz to speed this part up and help the workflow to be faster and more accurate.  While MASK is not available (as its patent is still pending), the plug-in seemed important enough to anyone dealing with blendshapes to release to the public for free.

It's a very simple idea and one that can save you massive amounts of time.  if you don't believe how long it can take try creating a full set of properly named layers in Mudbox for 70 or more blendshapes and time yourself.

BlendWiz is available for Autodesk Mudbox 2014 on PC with a Mac and Linux version pending if the demand is there. 

What BlendWiz is not

BlendWiz will not  make your sculpting better, it will not make a terrible animation somehow awesome, it will not make you coffee, allow you to travel through time or make you more attractive to women.  It will however save you time that you can then use in a better way.

How much is it?

Its free! (...with one simple condition)

I am first and formost an artist, these are tools I make to use myself mainly and as suchI do not want to end up with 90% of my time taken up as tech support for them. So The condition is no emails begging for new features or to ask for tech support. I should point out that BlendWiz (as with MudWalkerX and ReDucto) are production tested.
Also please for the love of all thats holy, read the help file PDF that comes with BlendWiz . The mac version will arrive soonish...(once I find a way to work around a nasty Mudbox SDK bug on the mac). The Donate button was added specifically as many asked for one...although of course olst will ignore it and go straight to the free stuff :)

Wayne Robson

BlendWiz features:

Download - BlendWiz (for Autodesk Mudbox 2014 PC)