After more than 2 years MudWalker is back... and this time it brought a friend!

Before 'GoZ'..... before the 3D Coat transfer plugins....before Autodesk's own implementations... Before everything else... There was MudWalker

What is MudWalker?

It was the very 1st Plugin suite of its kind to be released for the PC. Due to having way too much going on at the time I eventualy moth balled it for what is now over 2 years. Ironically the many that followed still do not support the number of applications or full feature set that MudWalker did in its 1st week of release. It allowed you to send your models and textures to any one of a number of programs and back in a single click...revolutionary back then. In MudWalker X some things have gone...other things have replaced them.

What is MudWalker X?

MudWalker X is a name I've given to what is now an entire suite of plugins and new features for Mudbox and supported applications. It also by default features not one but THREE seperate polygon reduction algorithms of mine. A very fast one (NoQuarter) using a voxel grid based collapse that can handle truly insane datasets (and is a wonderful get out of jail free card!) and the now infamous and until now unreleased application of mine 'ReDucto'. Added at the last minute as a surprise is also 'WeaponX', which combines the speed of NoQuarter with almost the same quality as ReDucto.

The Help videos can be reached HERE

You can donate as a thankyou if you feel the need to using the button below, there is no pressure or obigation

NOTICE (2nd july 2012)
Mudbox users may want to reinstall ReDucto using the latest installer to solve UAC related windows notices.

What is ReDucto?

ReDucto is a stand alone polygon reduction application that both ships with MudWalker X and on its own. It uses a totally unique algorithm found no where else. How can I say that? because I spent 3 years writing it, coming up with the algorithm myself and refining it before comparing it to everything else that was similar. You will find nothing similar in any other application. ReDucto is not the fastest polygon reduction, but I can promise you it is the best. Sometimes if you want the best quality you have to be patient.

ReDucto was planned as a commercial product but as my life got more busy I simply do not have the time for all that 'selling software' entails. Simply put, I got into art to be an artist, not to be tech support. The code that ships with either MudWalkerX or ReEDucto are not the final version I use. Why? Your getting this for free, so you are not getting the final optimised versions I personally ( that will never be released, because it gives me an edge other freelancers do not have.)

I have added a download just for ReDucto (along with a few tweaks) to make it easier for those who do not use or wish to install Mudbox.

The Help videos can be reached HERE

You can donate as a thankyou if you feel the need to using the button below, there is no pressure or obigation

MudWalker X features:


The Extra Stuff:

There also ship with MudWalker X / ReDucto a couple of useful things of mine that are not worthy of a release on their own, but you may find of use.

How much is it?

Its free! (...with one simple condition)

I am first and formost an artist, these are tools I make to use myself first and foremost and I do not want to end up with 90% of my time taken up as tech support for them. So The condition is no emails begging for new features or to ask for tech support. These are completely unsupported. (Although I should point out that I've been using these for years myself in production without issue.) Also please for the love of all thats holy, read the help file PDF that comes with MudWalker X . I do not own a mac so there will be no mac version...period (unless some kind soul donates one lol). The Donate button was added specifically as many asked for one.

Wayne Robson

Download - MudWalker & ReDucto (for Mudbox 2013 64bit PC)

Download (64bit PC) - ReDucto Only

If extra DLL's are needed for you system use the following and place in the c:\MudboxTemp\ReDucto folder

DLL Download